Pastor Laurie will be back on Facebook Live starting March 12th, Tuesday mornings at 11:45 am. Giving folks a chance to join her live or catch her for their lunch break. 

Spend time with Pastor Laurie on Facebook Live  Tuesdays, 11:45am as we look at "Simon Peter... a Flawed but Faithful Disciple." She can relate and you might too.  Join her for a reflective look at Simon Peter, and a chance for you to share your thoughts.

(This starts Tuesdays, May 2019)

(Faith Group Meeting at Hartzell Church @ 7pm on Mondays, if time is more favorable for you.  Books are available, but not required for the series. Series starts Monday, May 13, 2019.)

RSVP to Pastor Laurie at  lksteele33@gmail.com with any questions.